Pineider leather handbags

Pineider Briefcase

This is another of the legendary Italian leather brands that has a rich and quite impressive history. If you are looking for an exquisite product Made in Italy. This is the one. For example, the briefcase in the photo on the left costs EUR 700, which is around 970 USD.
Size of this briefcase is 36cm x 28cm x 8.5cm. In inches it is 14.2" x 11" x 3.3". It has a beautiful slim design and is made in calfskin napa leather. The leather is also tanned with vegetable natural extracts and is very smooth. The briefcase is fully lined. The shoulder strap is removable. It comes in a dust bag.

This brand has deep roots and long history starting in 1774 in the very heart of Florence, where Francesco Pineider established his exclusive paper shop.  He was also a pioneer in Italy to offer printed letters. He soon became the favored paper products seller by the rich and powerful of the time. In the beginning of 1800ties the brand started selling also the writing instruments, books and soon introduced leather handbags. The brand is known to be a supplier for Percy B. Shelley, Stendhal, Charles Dickens and other writers and poets.

The brand today is strong in their traditions and quality and offers the finest products, such as high quality leather briefcases and bags for men, stationery, pens and pencils and wedding planning articles as well.