Men's designer bags

Already for some time women designer purses have taken over the world, Furla Briefcase the handbag craziness has spread to television shows and celebrities have sort of unofficial competition of owning and showing off the latest IT bag on the market. But for men the handbag fashion remained in the shadow, although the general development in the leather handbag field gave many new practical and great looking hand bags and leather shoulder bags for men. To sum it up - while women designer bags went for a ride on the crazy train, the male hand bag designer created many great and functional satchels in luxury and simple durable leathers with attractive clean lined and practical designs.

Leather messenger bag is the most popular type right, as it can be carried on shoulder, on arms and most of all, you can use it both for business purposes, such as laptop messenger bag and also you can use it as a general handbag for carrying things. Also the gym bags and men's briefcases are among the best selling leather accessories. The development of technologies also has in a way driven the design houses to come up with solutions for Ipads, ipods and other electronic equipment. We are taking our work to home and therefore there is a need for a laptop case or messenger.

But what is the general history behind evolution of modern handbags? Let's have a look back into history.

Men's handbags were first, to be precise, as men needed to take some sort of backpack with Men's designer bag - Mulberry Rockleythem, when they went for a hunt. The fashion especially flourished with the introduction of money - today's fashionistas could be jealous of the beautiful and ornamented small purses men carried then. And only after men had their satchels, women small purses fashion was started. The purse type then was mainly messengers - relatively small sized leather satchels with long leather strap to be carried cross body.

The next leap the purse evolution took was when railway as introduced and first professional luggage makers, such as Hermes or Louis Vuitton started to make durable leather travel luggage. Then came the time for the modern day briefcases.

Now almost every fashion house has a line of accessories dedicated for male clients, and therefore there are also leather bags for the masculine clients. Michael Teperson has very beautiful accessories collections, so does Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. Gucci leather men's bags are quite popular, so are the superb quality Loewe products. There are plenty of designer products for men to choose a quality leather or canvas messengers or totes. Look though of what is the current offer for designer collections, including designer laptop bags, leather messengers and other products. You can also buy the men's designer bags online. Choice is quite large and most of the fashion houses have put a sale section on their website to reach those customers who want the quality but are put off by paying exorbitant prices. Read about each fashion house and their current offer.