Armani Handbags for Men

Armani briefcaseArmani fashion house is one of the Italian design successes.

The clean lines in menswear that earned the initial recognition for Giorgio Armani (born in 1934) helped to create one of the Italian fashion empires. It still continues its reign when it comes to clean lined luxury designs both for men and women. The accessories line, including Giorgio Armani men's bags was introduced in 1982. Right now this very successful luxury fashion brand sells clothing for everyone - men, women and children, fashion accessories, including masculine handbags and women purses, perfumes and cosmetic products and even owns few cafes under name of Armani and hotel franchises are under consideration.

Armani clothing is known for its pure and clean lines and great combinations of fabric and colors. Armani emphasizes the elegance in everything that is created under his label. Also Armani men's handbags are following the pattern of urban elegance. Armani purses, such as Armani messengers and Armani briefcase, or the Armani laptop cases are among the most sought leather messenger bags. Laptop messengers (especially in leather) are very functional and there is a lot of designer to choose the one from. The designer laptop cases are developing together with the demands of the market. Fashionable businessmen want to buy a quality product that with a style, so there is a great potential when combining long traditions in leather craftsmanship with the elegance of the Italian fashion.

You can buy Armani men's bags online and get some on sale. This brings a fantastic opportunity to purchase discounted handbags, including laptop and messenger bags.

Current collection reviews:
Armani mens bag
The model in the picture left is on sale and goes for 495 USD (which is - 40% of the previous original price). The bag is quite large 47 cm x 33 cm x 21 cm. In inches it is 18.5" x 12.9" x 8.2".

It has double handles and a shoulder strap. Can be used as a business bag, the leather is smooth and elegant. The material is calfskin leather and polyester. The current offer color is black. Alternatively it can be utilized as a weekend and travel bag. You can easily fit a laptop in it if the laptop is packed in a sleeve or case. There are also metal feet for this bag and metallic logo on the front.

Overall this is a decent and elegant looking men's designer bag at a justified price. Available at the brand's official e-store.